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After taking a bit of a hiatus while both theatre and the world shifted over 2020-2022, the SATA Steering Committee held a Gala event to celebrate professional theatrical productions spanning Fall of 2020 through to August 31, 2022.

Congratulations to all of this year’s nominees and recipients!!! (Award Recipients are bolded)


Outstanding Emerging Artist
Evangeline Ambrose

Johanna Arnott

Liam Scramstad

Trailblazer Award
25th Street Theatre/Ferre Play Theatre (Breaking The Curse)

Burnt Thicket Theatre (We Treaty People)

Ed Mendez (Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre)

Artistic Excellence (Individual)

Brooklynn Bitner (Flush)

Grahame Kent (It's a Wonderful Life)

Hugh Conacher (The Mountaintop)

Jensine Emeline (The Revolutionists)
Skye Brandon (Iago Speaks)

Joshua Beaudry (Iago Speaks)

Artistic Excellence (Organization)
25th Street Theatre

Buttered Ghost Theatre

Freeflow Dance Theatre Company

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

Technical Excellence - (Individual)
Jalisa Gonie (Production Management)

John Butler (Sound)

Liz King (Stage Management)

Ricardo Alvarado (Stage Management)

Taegan O'Bertos (Projection Design)

Innovation Award
25th St. Theatre/Ferre Play Theatre (Breaking The Curse)

Burnt Thicket Theatre (We Treaty People)

Persephone Theatre (Live Online: Olivia Swerhone-Wick and Jennica Grienke)

Leadership Award
Anita Smith (25th Street Theatre, Ferre Play Theatre, Saskatoon Summer Players)

Carla Orosz (UofS and Beyond)
Skye Brandon & Yvette Nolan (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Interim Artistic Directors)

Production Excellence
25th Street Theatre/Ferre Play Theatre (Breaking the Curse)

Persephone Theatre (The Mountain Top)

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan (Iago Speaks)

Excellence in New Work
Daniel Macdonald (Iago Speaks)

Heather Morrison & Lenore Claire Herrem (Fruitcake)

Megan Zong (Unmasked)

Rachel Walliser (Breaking The Curse)

People's Choice Award

Ed Mendez

Elizabeth Ahenakew

Ricardo Alvarado

Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre

"Fruitcake" (produced by 25th Street Theatre)

The Saskatoon Fringe Festival (produced by 25th Street Theatre)

Henry Woolf Continuing Achievement Award
Cynthia Dyck (On the Boards)

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