Recipients are in underlined

Outstanding Performance (Male)

Simon Webb – Great Expectations (Persephone Theatre)
Tom O’Hara – Rabbit Hole (Persephone Theatre)
Aaron Hursh – Dying City (Fire in the Hole Productions)
Matthew Burgess – The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (Persephone Theatre)
Gordon Tootoosis – Gordon Winter (Persephone Theatre)
Michael Spencer-Davis – Lawrence & Holloman (Persephone / Prairie Theatre Exchange)

Outstanding Performance (Female)

Susan Williamson – Great Expectations(Persephone / Blackbird Theatre)
Patricia Drake – Rabbit Hole (Persephone Theatre)
Jamie Lee Shebelski – Velocity (Persephone Theatre)
Heather Morrison – Dying City (Fire in the Hole Productions)
Carol Greyeyes – Two Rooms (Persephone Theatre)
Marie-Claire Marcotte – La Maculee (sTain) (La Troupe du Jour)

Outstanding Direction

Jim Guedo – Dying City (Fire in the Hole Productions)
Jim Guedo – Rabbit Hole (Persephone Theatre)
Ann Hodges – Urinetown (Persephone Theatre)
Del Surjik – Velocity (Persephone Theatre)
Robert Metcalfe – Lawrence & Holloman (Persephone / Prairie Theatre Exchange)

Outstanding Design

Mark von Eschen – Lighting – La Maculee (sTain)
(La Troupe du Jour)
Jim Guedo – Set – Gordon Winter (Persephone Theatre)
Hans Becker – Set – Urinetown (Persephone Theatre)
Brian Perchaluk – Set – Lawrence & Holloman (Persephone / Prairie Theatre Exchange)
Marti Wright – Costumes – Great Expectations (Persephone / Blackbird Theatre)
Beverley Kobelsky – Costumes – Urinetown (Persephone Theatre)
Beverley Kobelsky – Costumes – A Winter’s Tale (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan)

Outstanding Playwriting

Kenneth T. Williams – Gordon Winter
Mansel Robinson – Two Rooms
Daniel Macdonald – Velocity
Madeleine Dahlem – La Maculée/sTain

Outstanding Production

Urinetown, Persephone Theatre
Lawrence & Holloman, Persephone / Prairie Theatre Exchange
La Maculee (sTain), La Troupe du Jour
Rabbit Hole, Persephone Theatre
Velocity, Persephone Theatre

Gordon Tootoosis, Continuing Achievement Award