Henry Woolf Award

The 2016 Henry Woolf Continuing Achievement Award went to Curtis Peeteetuce, outgoing Artistic Director of Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre.


Henry Woolf in Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, 2010
photo by Deborah Marshall

The Henry Woolf Continuing Achievement Award honours an individual or group in the Saskatoon area for outstanding contribution, dedication, and achievement within the theatre community. The recipient(s) will have shown a significant contribution to theatre in Saskatoon and area. This Award may be presented to a member of the community from any background (directors, performers, administrators, stage managers, technicians, patrons, etc).

Nominations for this award are invited from the public each year, and the SATAwards’ Steering Committee chooses the recipient.

Please keep in mind that this nomination is not for an individual’s work in a particular show that you saw – the jury will take care of that – but for continuing achievement in any area.

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One thought on “Henry Woolf Award

  1. Della Greer

    I want to nominate Joel Bembaum for the Henry Woolf Award

    Through his hard work developing SUM Theatre summer program Joel has given the opportunity for children and adults to experience theatre during the summer..

    By performing in over twenty parks Joel and SUM Theatre has reached out to every corner of the city.

    SUM Theatres Summer Show is eagerly awaited event


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